Environmental Composites is a leader in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic chemistry. We harness the potential of our reinforcement fiber through advanced adhesion, customized functional groups, catalyst systems, and fiber orientation.


Nylon Resin

Nylon Polyamide chemistry is among the most commonly used thermoplastic resins systems in the composites industry. These resin systems offer excellent strength, impact resilience, adhesion, and surface quality. Our products are offered in both the PA6 and PA66 variations of Nylon, each formulated specifically to optimize compatibility with carbon fiber reinforcement.


Maleated-Polypropylene (MAPP) is a versatile resin system based on the backbone chemistry of Polypropylene (PP). Grafted maleic anhydride functional groups and other proprietary chemistry optimize fiber-to-resin adhesion and drastically improve this material's performance. The MAPP resin system offers the easy process-ability and ultra-lightweight characteristics of PP in a high performance formula.

other Resins

ECi creates products that meet our customer's specific requirements, including customized resin systems. Our engineering team welcomes the challenges of each customer's product design.